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Economic Development


Border Villages Amenities

Significant tribal population of Gujarat state have been traditionally living in the bordering areas of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra consists mainly of forests, hills and undulating terrains

Amenities to Halpatis

The Halpati tribe is an extremely backward scheduled tribe of Gujarat. They live in the plains of South Gujarat and are dispersed, living amongst the non-tribal population.

Amenities to PTGs

There are five Primitive Tribes Groups (PTG) group in Gujarat that include 23,479 families. The Tribal research and Training Institute, Ahmedabad carried out an in depth survey of every PTG family.

Manav Garima

The Tribal population needs improved tools and equipments for pursuing traditional and other occupations in a better manner.

Vocational Training

The scheme for Vocational Training Institute in tribal areas to impart training to youth who were school dropouts or had not pursued higher education was introduced by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment.

Kuvar bai nu Mameru

Family on the occasion of the wedding of a daughter, the government gives a cheque for Rs. 10,000 in case of the wedding of one daughter.

Saath Phera Samuha Lagna Scheme

The tribal population extravagantly spends money on the weddings, which sometimes leads to huge indebtedness. Thus, it is important to curb such unnecessary expenditure.

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