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  • OVERVIEW | The tribal population is not able to buy prescribed medicines, injections and nutritious food in case of chronic diseases like TB, cancer etc. due to their economic condition and is, thus, forced to ignore the required medicament.
  • OBJECTIVE | To promote healthcare among Schedule Tribe population
  • INCEPTION | 1987
  • INTENDED BENEFICIARIES | Priority to Schedule Tribes with chronic disease such as TB and cancer and women who require reproductive health care
  • ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA | Family whose annual income is up to Rs. 27,000 in rural areas and Rs. 36,000 in urban areas
  • BENEFITS UNDER THE SCHEME | The patients get Rs. 150 for anemia in women; Rs. 500 for complicated delivery, Rs. 500 for TB, Rs. 1000 for cancer, Rs. 500 for HIV/Aids and Rs. 400 for leprosy every month till the patient is fully cured.
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