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Roles and Responsibilities


Branch Roles and Responsibilities
Administration Deals with matter related to establishment & day to day administration, annual inspection of subordinate offices, LAQs, Training, Record and disposal of Tumars.
Education Deals with Post-matric scholarship, Pre-matric scholarship scheme for Class I-VIII and Class IX-X, Scholarship to Girls (Self Finance College and Government College), Free Uniform Scheme, Vidya-Sadhana Yojana, Food Bill scheme, Talent Pool School Voucher scheme, Medical Entrance Coaching, Book bank, Up-gradation of merit scheme. Scholarship in M.Phil/Ph.D scheme, Instrument assistance to Medical and Engineering students, Scholarship for ITI students, Award to meritorious students
Hostel Works related to Grant-in-aid hostels and Govt. run hostels
Adarsh Niwasi Shala Monitoring and Supervision of Adarsh Niwasi Shalas
Ashramshala Monitoring of Ashramshala schools, release of grants to the Ashramshalas, Inspection of Ashramshalas
Accounts & Budget Budgeting, PAC, PRC, Reconciliation of Accounts with A.G., Grant Allocation, Pension, works related to A.G. Inspection
Training & Coordination Scrutiny Committee, Tribes Advisory Council (TAC), Standing Committee to TAC.
PTG Schemes related to the development and upliftment of PTG
Atrocity CellMonitoring and Review of Atrocity cases
FRAImplementation of Forest Rights Act, 2006 in Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Areas to recognize and vest Rights to the forest dwellers.
PlanningAnnual Planning of the Welfare schemes and TSP, Monitoring and Supervision of New Gujarat Pattern and Border Village.
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring of TSP and Welfare Schemes, Preparation of Progress Reports, Evaluation of Programs, Monitoring and supervision of schemes under SCA and Article 275 (1), Review Meetings
Health & HousingMonitoring and Supervision of Manav Garima, Sickle Cell Anemia, Free Medical-aid, Housing, Kunvarbhai-nu-Mameru, Saath Fera Samooh Lagna schemes.
Agriculture, Co-operation & Animal HusbandryMonitoring and supervision of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Co-operation related schemes/ sectors
VigilanceVigilance & inquiries
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