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Umbrella Schemes


Pre-matric Scholarship

To encourage students to study, this scheme provides scholarship to students studying in Std. I to Std. X.

Post-matric Scholarship

The students aspire to study more after SSC but due to lack of funds or weak economic status, they do not pursue higher studies.

Government Hostels

To facilitate students who are studying in secondary and higher secondary, the government is operating hostels for Schedule Tribe students.

Vocational Training Centres

આદિજાતિ વિસ્તારના અનુસુચિત જનજાતિના બેરોજગાર યુવાનોને વિવિધ વ્યવસાયમાં તાલીમ આપી રોજગાર મેળવવા સક્ષમ બનાવવાના હેતુથી વ્યવસાયલક્ષી તાલીમ યોજનાને ભારત સરકાર ધ્વારા ૧૦૦ ટકા કેન્દ્ર પુરસ્કૃત યોજના તરીકે વર્ષ-૧૯૯૨-૯૩થી મંજુરી મળી છે.


The Schedule Tribe population cannot afford to spend on their children’s education due to their weak economic condition. Instead of sending them to schools, they compel their children to start working in their traditional occupation or any other job so that they can monetarily support the family.

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