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Saath Phera Samuha Lagna Scheme


  • OVERVIEW | The tribal population extravagantly spends money on the weddings, which sometimes leads to huge indebtedness. Thus, it is important to curb such unnecessary expenditure.
  • OBJECTIVE | To reduce the expenditure on marriages by promoting group marriages.
  • INCEPTION | 1998
  • PARTNER | None
  • INTENDED BENEFICIARIES | The Schedule Tribe brides and their families.
  • ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA | The family‚Äôs annual income should be up to Rs. 27,000 in rural area and Rs. 36,000 in urban areas.
  • BENEFITS UNDER THE SCHEME | The participating couple receives Narmada Shree Nidhi certificate worth Rs. 10,000. The event organizers are entitled to Rs. 2,000 per couple, subject to a maximum of Rs. 50,000.
Saath Phera Samuha Lagna Scheme
1 of Saath Phera Samuha Lagna Scheme
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