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  • OVERVIEW | To encourage the Schedule Tribe meritorious students to study further in the best educational institutions
  • OBJECTIVE | To assist the talented Schedule Tribe students get best quality education in reputed private schools, so that they can compete with the other sections of the society confidently.
  • INCEPTION | 2008-09
  • PARTNER | None
  • INTENDED BENEFICIARIES | The Schedule Tribe students of class 5 and class 10 who seek admission in the next class after they clear an entrance test and score 60% or more marks.
  • ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA | The benefit of the scheme is based on the family’s annual income as follows:
Sl. No.Annual Income (in Rs.)Benefits
1 Up to 2,00,000 Full subsidy
2 2,00,000-3,00,000 50% subsidy
3 More than 3,00,000 No subsidy
  • BENEFITS UNDER THE SCHEME | All fees like registration fees, processing fees, admission, security deposit, tuition fees and any extra fees of the private school are borne by the government under this scheme.
  • KEY ACHIEVEMENTS | Over the last three years, 628 talented tribal students have benefited from the scheme. The government has spent Rs. 239.30 lakh for this scheme in the first two years of the Twelfth Five Year Plan as compared to Rs. 290.16 lakh in Eleventh Five Year Plan.
Figure 1: No. of Students
No Of Student
Figure 2: Expenditure
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