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Adarsh Niwasi Schools


  • OVERVIEW | To facilitate students and encourage them in pursuing education after primary level
  • OBJECTIVE | To provide free education, boarding and lodging facilities to tribal students.
  • INCEPTION | 1986
  • PARTNER | None
  • GEOGRAPHICAL FOOTPRINTS | 44 schools in 15 districts
  • INTENDED BENEFICIARIES | Students studying in standard 9-12
  • ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA | Students who have scored 50% or above in primary level for admission in 9th standard, and 50% or more in New S.S.C. science subject for admission to 11th standard, shall get admission on basis of merit.
  • BENEFITS UNDER THE SCHEME | Lodging, boarding, education, 4 pairs of clothes, utilities for daily use is provided free of cost.
  • KEY ACHIEVEMENTS | 44 Adarsh Nivasi Shalas have been established
Adarsh Niwasi Schools
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