Minimum Support Price for Minor Forest Produce


  • OVERVIEW | Government of India has decided upon Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Minor Forest Produce (MFP).
  • OBJECTIVE | To provide fair and remunerative price to MFP gatherers for the produce collected by them and to ensure sustainable harvesting of MFP
  • PARTNER | Nodal department and implementing Agency for implementation of this scheme are The Tribal Development Department and The Gujarat Forest Development Corporation Ltd. respectively
  • GEOGRAPHICAL FOOTPRINTS | Areas with Scheduled Tribe population
  • PRODUCTS COVERED | 12 MFPs are covered under this scheme, namely, Tendu, Bamboo, Mahuwa Seed, Sal Leaf, Sal Seed, Lac, Chironjee, Wild Honey, Myrobalan, Tamarind, Gum(Gum Karaya) and Karanj.
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